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Game time!

Starts: 16:00, 60 mins in Fletcher Hall

Hacker Jeopardy

Presented by: Patrick McNeil

Everyone is familiar with Jeopardy right? Contestants are given clues in the form of answers, and must phrase their responses in the form of questions. Emcees Patrick McNeil and the BSidesRDU Leadership Team will host Hacker Jeopardy and test your knowledge of topics both central to BSides and hacking, and those more obscure. Unlike the Jeopardy you may be familiar with, in this game, everyone is able to participate. PRIZES will be awarded to the winners!

All participants, whether playing or observing, must pledge to not cheat or risk being banned from the event. Cheating includes using any reference materials of any type, or communication with any other person to communicate or receive an answer. Further rules may be included at the time of the event at the discretion of the BSidesRDU staff, and all judgments by BSidesRDU staff are final.

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Patrick McNeil

Patrick McNeil hosts his 5th BSidesRDU Hacker Jeopardy event! He's an old school full-stack COBOL programmer, original networking gangsta, and #telephreak to the core. Patrick has been slinging code, evaluating product security, and architecting people out of difficult jams “equalizer style” for over twenty five years. He runs Oak City Locksport, has the best mohawks, a ranty security blog, and yeah, his views are his own and not his employers. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯