Morning Keynote

Starts: 9:00, 40 mins in Fletcher Hall

From What to How in Cybersecurity: Self Care, Culture, and Strategy

Presented by: Jason Chan

Security is a challenging field - controls fail, incidents happen, and our adversaries adapt. On top of that, it can be difficult to drive change and progress when organizations have so many competing priorities. Drawing on a career in cybersecurity and his most recent experience building and leading the security team at Netflix for over a decade, Jason will provide some insight and advice on preparing yourself for the ups and downs of the industry, going with the flow, and doing meaning and impactful security work.

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Jason Chan

Jason recently retired after having spent most of his 20+ year career in cybersecurity. His last role was leading information security at Netflix, where he helped the company navigate explosive growth securely since 2011. At Netflix, his team became known for its contributions to the community, including over 30 open source security projects and dozens of conference presentations. Prior to Netflix, he led the security team at VMware. He began his career in security at the Space and Naval Warfare Center and spent most of his early career in security consulting.