Session #2

Starts: 10:30, 40 mins in Fletcher Hall

First Contact with Container Security

Presented by: Ell Marquez

In the cloud companies are transitioning to the use of microservices at a rapid pace. While this model decreases time to market, it also increases supply chain security risk and lowers visibility. According to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, 92% of companies surveyed are using containers in their production environments. It seems that when it comes to transitioning part of your cloud ecosystem, resistance is futile.

Your containers are likely hosting applications that deliver content to customers. Meaning that your container runtime is exposed to the internet. As modern runtime environments are complex, they present multiple attack vectors. Even the best security is not a guarantee against an attack.

In this session the speaker will discuss how we can mount our last line of defense when the Enterprise is breached, keeping our crew (data) from being assimilated.

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Ell Marquez

Former sysadmin, cloud builder, podcaster, and container advocate- has always been a security enthusiast. This enthusiasm and driven curiosity have helped her as she has become an active member of the InfoSec community, leading her to explore the groundbreaking & exciting world of Genetic Software Mapping at Intezer.